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Our team consists of approximately 40 enthusiastic employees and we find it very important that every employee at our hotel can express his or her creativity and passion. Two great examples:

Our Ice Teas owe their taste sensation to our bartender Grecia. With her Peruvian roots and the experiences she has gained while traveling, Grecia has developed a few unique creations. With ingredients such as watermelon, passion fruit, green tea and the honey from our own bees, she varies a lot! We also have our own cocktail king Jonathan. He amazes many guests with daring combinations and magical cocktails! Our own honey plays an important role here too.

In addition to the unique creations of our colleagues, we also try to use many of our other products in a creative way. For example, since 2019 we have been brewing our own Accor Honeybee-r in collaboration with the Jopenkerk brewery in Haarlem. You can also order a circular vegetarian oyster mushroom bitterbal from us. A mouthful, but this is what you want! We collect the residual product that remains after making a cup of coffee. We donate this to a partner of ours who uses this raw material to grow oyster mushrooms. These fungi are then used and processed into the content of the oyster mushroom bitterbal. This way you can enjoy a very tasty and responsible snack in our bar again and again!

In today's society, it is important that you are served a fair product. We also use sustainable products in our daily work. For example, we work with Dutch meadow beef, fish with an MSC qualification, organic fruit and we use seasonal vegetables as much as possible.

We have already listed our favorite packages and menus for you. Our team is however more than happy to think along with you for something special, because every event is unique. Our chef and his team are happy to arrange your culinary interpretations according to your wishes! Click here for our extensive range.

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